Dirt Bike Beginner Training @ The Croom’s DIRTBIKE Beginner Track

Two or Three Hours of Professional Dirt Bike Training at Croom’s Beginner DIRTBIKE Track.

CroomATVrentals.Com is offering a special Beginner DIRTBIKE Training.

Beginner Dirt Bike training for all ages, full of excitement await kids 5 and up to any height for adults at Croom’s DIRTBIKE Track. Customers are fitted with their own individual size dirt bikes ( Included ) to zoom through Croom’s Beginner DIRTBIKE track and open training area, all fenced, groomed, grassed, and mostly shaded. Customers will first learn throttle control, clutch ( Optional ), leg & foot placement, leaning into turns, acceleration, deceleration & shifting in and out of the corners. Kids and adults with no experience, will be racing the track when the lesson is over. ( Dirtbikes rages from PW50 to TTR230 based on Height )

Lessons Price 2 Hours/Automatic 3 Hours/Clutch
Dirt Bike Training with Professional 2 Hours/Automatic $199 3 Hours/Clutch $299